Wednesday, October 15, 2003

[The Sun]

Myolie Wu was earlier linked with Tse Kwan Ho because she was filming with him and also rumoured to have commented on Rain Li being 'not good enough' but when they all appeared at yesterday's blessing ceremony for "Choi Hung Kiu" (Rainbow Bridge), Rain and Myolie were chatting and laughing and Myolie and Tse Kwan Ho were not avoiding each other. In response, she said: "Don't be silly, not talking to a guy is taken as avoidance, not talking to a girl is taken as disrespecting her, none of this happened at all." Tse Kwan Ho said: "There was no such thing, they just made it all up and my wife has total confidence in me!" Later they openly had their photo taken together.

As for Rain, she continued to deny that she was dating former member of VRF Ting Chi Go and when it was mentioned that Alex Fong (Lik Sang) was very concerned with her relationship, Rain laughed: "He is like the motto for TVB's news - concerned with everything! Like I am with him, we are all just good friends."


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