Tuesday, October 28, 2003

[The Sun]
(More details regarding the Yang Liwei show will be posted onto HKENR shortly)

Hacken Lee has cancelled his appearance in the welcoming performance for the visit of Chinese Astronaut Yang Liwei to be held on Saturday. Due to the rearrangement of the acts, placing Twins and Joey Yung first in the rundown of acts for this event, Hacken's piece was pushed later in the schedule and although TVB tried to look out for him, they are only responsible for the production and have little say in the schedules that are planned with the organising company headed by EEG. A senior executive at Hacken's record company Universal confirmed that Hacken had pulled out, saying that this was because he had earlier agreed to do another show in Guangzhou that evening and the later schedule meant that he would have to rush to get to his other venue. Therefore he has decided to quit this particular show. There is some speculation that the real reason for this was due to his limelight being stolen by his female counterparts who are being promoted by EEG.


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