Friday, October 10, 2003

[The Sun]

Flora Chan and Roger Kwok were filming for "Gak Sai Jui Hung" on location in Nam Sang Village yesterday and there have been rumours that Flora has still not completed negotiations with TVB about renewing her contract and therefore affecting her part in the Broadcast City Grand Opening celebrations and her position as Number 1 female.

Flora explains: "That is so amusing! In fact I was supposed to appear in the opening piece for the show, but I have been busy lately and not able to rehearse, so they have changed my part to a comedy sketch with Moses Chan, Bobby Au-Yeung and Jessica Hsuan instead, no one has been kicked out!" She reveals that she has reached an agreement with TVB and will reveal the details of her contract renewal later.

Also as well as being busy filming series, Flora has also been making advertisements and doing stage shows, she laughs: "I have recently renewed my advertising contract with a cosmetics company and my salary has risen by a satisfactory amount that I am pleased with! (So you must be making a fair bit then?) It's OK, but I am so busy that I don't even have time to sleep." After Flora finishes her current work, she will be going back to the US at the end of the year to visit her friends and family as well as take a well earned break.


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