Thursday, October 02, 2003

[The Sun]

Claire Yiu was filming for "Virtues of Harmony" at TV City yesterday and she revealed that she was busy preparing for her new house. When asked if she was getting ready to build a marital nest, she said: "Of course not! I used to live opposite TVCity, but now it has moved, then of course I need to find a better environment in Sai Kung and there is a pool there as well."

As for Hawick Lau who will be celebrating his birthday on the 13th, he has said he will be buying himself a family car: "When you grow up, your attitudes change and you start to enjoy the family life, however I don't have plans to start a family just yet." When asked how his 'girlfriend' Bernice Liu will be celebrating with him, he laughs: "I said before we are just very very very good friends! I am afraid she will forget my birthday, why don't you remind her for me!"


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