Saturday, October 11, 2003

[The Sun]

Charmaine Sheh, Sonija Kwok and Shirley Yeung appeared at rehearsals for the big show "Focus on a new Path in Television Broadcast" and they will be appearing in the opening's 'Nameless Angels 3D' section where they will be suspended from wires and doing some fight scenes. What was scene from this was that throughout the rehearsal, Charmaine did not say a word to Shirley and there was little eye contact, but when they were photographed together, she was talking non-stop with Sonija and holding her shoulder for the photo, saying in unison: "We haven't seen each other for a long time!"

Charmaine says that she will make the most of her time in rehearsal as she says: " Before, our fight scenes were recorded, but this time it is live and it might be dangerous." Sonija reveals that whilst being suspended she was so scared that she was shaking, she says: "I dropped very quickly and I had to stand still before starting fighting and firing a gun, so there was some pressure and nothing can go wrong this time."

Talking of reports that Deric Wan's image is poor and so has been left out of the opening ceremony as well as resulting in the postponement of their series "The Legend of Love", Sonija says: "I don't read these reports anyway, in reality we both know we are working hard, so what other people say is not important."


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