Monday, October 20, 2003

[The Sun]

At TVB's press show yesterday to preview the anniversary celebrations, all the female stars all joined in and as soon as Charmaine Sheh and Sonija Kwok met each other, they were immediately chatting away, whereas Shirley Yeung who is rumoured to be at odds with Charmaine was seen to be on her own sitting in the audience alone until Liza Wang arrived and called Shirley over to join her. Shirley later said: "After I put on my make up, I didn't want to sit too far up! Liza and I worked together on the series "Blade Heart" and she is very friendly, so she called me to join her." Talking about this year's award for "My Favourite Lead Female Role", Shirley thinks that Kenix and Maggie stand a good chance, not mentioning the other favourite Charmaine.

However, Sonija has confidence in Charmaine gaining an award and says: "I don't have any confidence in myself, because my role in 'Perish in the Name of Love' was an evil role, if there was an award for villains, I might win that!" As for Charmaine, she said that she was not worried about winning votes: "It has been like this for a few years now, the viewers know how to vote."


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