Saturday, October 25, 2003

[The Sun]

As Halloween approaches, a group of cast members from "Virtues of Harmony" including Bernice Liu, Stephanie Che and Johnny Tang appeared in fancy dress at a promotional event and although they went around scaring people, the tables were turned on Bernice when she was frightened back by a member of the audience and ran away looking very pale.

Originally the cast members from "Virtues" were appearing at a promotional event for TVB's 36th Anniversary, pulling their most horrible faces to scare the members of the audience, but Bernice who was appearing dressed as Snow White not only didn't scare anyone, but when a male viewer showed too much 'affection' for her. The man suddenly jumped at Bernice as if to pick her up, but luckily Stephanie Che and Cutie Mui stopped him just in time and as Bernice hid behind Stephanie she disguised her embarrassment with her laughter. Not learning from the earlier incident, Yau Ching also became the victim of another member of the public.

Later, Bernice was still a little shaky as she patted her chest and said: "I was so scared, I didn't think he would want to pick me up from underneath. Luckily I had two life savers and he wasn't able to touch me." She says that she will usually keep her distance when playing games with the audience and will be even more careful in the future.

Seeing the great response from the audience, the cast members became more and more excited as Yvonne Lam put her jacket over the member of the public's head pretending to be a walking corpse, luckily there were no complaints as they got into the party spirit. Johnny Tang and Rain Lau appeared as mummies, with Rain having two dots added to her costume on the chest by someone and Johnny becoming victim to Johnny Ngan's rather distasteful 'additions' to the lower torso. There were murmurs about this being bad for children, but Johnny (Tang) defended them saying: "If it was shorter it would be the case, but this long just makes it comical." Some children present were frightened to tears and had to leave. Also Miss Hong Kong Mandy Cho revealed that on the anniversary night, she has not been given the chance to be an MC, but she will be performing belly dancing.


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