Thursday, October 16, 2003

[The Sun]

Anne Heung was wearing jewellery worth a seven-figure sum and the latest Autumn fashions on the catwalk yesterday as she says: "I only have to model one set of clothes this time, so it is more comfortable. I remember when I was in the Miss HK competition, we had to get changed very hurriedly. (So you've had time to take a look around?) Not intentionally." She adds that everyone is very busy backstage and they do not have time to watch other people: "I am not perverted, I don't need to look at what I already have! (Male models?) I'm not interested in male models." However she will learn the tricks of the trade on how to get changed quickly in case it comes in handy in the future. She emphasises that she has a bottom line when it comes to Catwalk modelling as she will only reveal her back, her legs and a little of her chest. As for whether she was pleased with this performance, she says: "Of course I passed the test, when I have time I will watch a lot of fashion shows and I know a lot of models will seem very cool, but I am not a professional so I will give a little smile."


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