Thursday, October 02, 2003

[The Sun]

Ada Choi has been filming on the mainland recently and because she has been working closely with Chinese actor Zhang Jin, they have fallen in love and began to date. The two are openly appearing together and their relationship is already an open secret. Zhang Jin acted as Zhang Ziyi's stunt double in blockbuster movie "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon".

Ada has been filming for Mainland series "Shui Yuet Dung Tin" and after spending so much time with Zhang Jin, they have been seen by together both on and off the screen as the crew are all aware that they are secretly dating and the hotel staff often see them together alone. Earlier, on Ada's 30th birthday, Zhang openly arranged a celebration for her and others left them alone together tactfully. Zhang looks after Ada closely and knows that she is quite lonely in a strange place so when they do not have to work, he will be by her side, so it if only natural that they have developed feelings for each other.

The coincidence is that the producer of "Shui" Zhou Ping had previously brought together Nicky Wu and the Taiwanese female lead who he eventually left Ada for, but has brought Ada together with another man in this production. When the reporters asked producer Zhou if he was giving Ada back her man, he laughed: "I have not returned her a boyfriend, she found him herself, I just created the opportunity." When the reporters tried to contact Ada, she was still in Suzhou and will be returning to Hong Kong soon.

Zhang is a year younger than Ada and took up martial arts at the age of 9, joining the Sichuan martial arts troupe at the age of 11 before moving to Hong Kong and joining the Yuen Gar troupe of stunt doubles. In "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" and "Hero" he played as Zhang Ziyi and Donnie Yen's stunt doubles before moving in front of the camera last year and finding fame with his good looks.


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