Saturday, October 04, 2003

(Summarised report from Ming Pao, Sing Pao, Sing Tao Daily and Oriental Daily)

Slimming company boss and beauty in her own right Mariane Chan was also out on the streets of Causeway Bay yesterday as she promoted her slimming products with a Japanese model, posing in an open top Rolls Royce and drawing a much bigger crowd than Charmaine Sheh in the neighbouring area. Her spokesperson Maggie Cheung was absent due to illness and Sandra Ng arrived late, but joined in with a sexy samba on the streets.

Mariane was dressed even more provocatively than her two models as she indicated she had gained two inches and a cup size on her breasts after taking her enhancement pills, now at a 34B measurement. When asked questions about her thoughts on her personal life and for a response to her former co-star Lawrence Ng, she refused to comment, saying that she did not want to move the focus from her promotional event.

Sandra Ng has dyed her hair blonde for the filming of a sequel to her blockbuster "Golden Chicken" - when asked whether Leon Lai will be guest starring as a customer, Sandra says that he will not be a client and his character will be a very moving one.


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