Monday, October 27, 2003

[Summarised from Oriental Daily, The Sun, Sing Pao, Ta Kung Pao and Ming Pao]

TVB held a promotional event for "The Driving Power" (Fei Sheung Ngoi Fu) yesterday in the form of a "Memory Lane Tenpin Bowling Contest" and among the cast members taking part were Adam Cheng, Cecilia Yip, Joyce Tang, Halina Tam and Akina Hong. Akina stood out from the crowd in her low cut dress, but she also became the brunt of the jokes from the other artistes. The cast was split into two teams with Cecilia Yip's team winning overall.

Accustomed to wearing sexy clothing, Akina wore a strappy dress to the contest and intentionally bent down to do up her laces or strike a pose for the hungry press. There were some comments passed at her actions by the other cast members. Among them, Pak Yan called out to her to stop wasting time and even Adam had a dig at her saying: "You only need one ball for bowling, you don't need to play with three balls." After the competition, Adam once again jeered at Akina, saying: "I should lose really, because we only have one ball and someone else has three." Akina seemed to take little notice, later even tearing away Halina's top to reveal her shoulder as Halina laughed she felt like she was being raped!

When Joyce who was dressed rather reservedly was asked if she felt that Akina had stolen the limelight, she said: "What? We're only playing bowling today! It's actually that I am more sensitive to the cold after losing weight, so I covered myself up a bit more. (Do you think Akina stole the show?) It doesn't matter about these things, please don't say that we're not getting along."

Adam was quizzed about the recent reports that his fourteen year old daughter has been sighted dating a schoolfriend after school. He said: "The school did comment about behaviour whilst in uniform, but they did not need to see her parents. My daughter says that he is just a friend, she is not dating and she shouldn't let these things affect her education. Maybe when she is seventeen or eighteen. (Has she been unhappy about it?) It will affect her a little, she doesn't like being in the press or going out with me. Being in this industry isn't so good because you lose out on so much." As the reports did not disguise the photograph of his daughter, Adam is very concerned for her safety, but as for whether he will be hiring a bodyguard, he says: "I don't have enough money so I can only tell her to be more careful." Adam says his daughter likes to ice-skate and is a big fan of F4. Also with other reports that Adam's other daughter Joyce is dating over in Canada, he says: "Well she is sixteen now, so it is time she established some social skills, but she says she is not dating. (Will you tell her not to date a foreigner?) I don't think this is a problem, foreigners can still be good people, maybe they just have a different social environment." When asked whether Joyce has lost a lot of weight, he says: "Yes, she has emailed me some pictures and I have seen her, she really has slimmed down a lot."

"The Driving Power" reached 29 points in the ratings results last week, falling two points and the finale of "Seed of Hope" (Juk Sai Ching Jan) gained 29 points peaking at 34 points.

Sonija Kwok was also at the event in her capacity as guest star in the show and when asked about her recent celebration of her first anniversary with boyfriend Deric Wan, she immediately perked up and said: "We havee been for a meal to celebrate. I was very happy to see him back in Hong Kong, but he left as soon as he finished filming the presentation clip." What present did you receive? "It was a photo album that he had made himself full of photos since the time we met each other. It was very thoughtful and I only bought him a music box from Thailand. I think I will have to work harder to find a more meaningful present for him." With the two being apart at the moment, are they spending a lot on phone calls? Sonija continues smiling sweetly as she says: "Of course! We call each other a few times every day!"


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