Sunday, October 12, 2003

Sir Run Run Shaw led the blessing ceremony that was exquisitely designed by geomancy master Lee Shing Chak yesterday for the Grand Opening of the Tseung Kwan O Broadcast City marking the beginning of this year's anniversary celebrations for TVB. Officiating at the ceremony was Hong Kong Chief Executive Tung Chee Wah and it was attended by other legal figures, TVB executives, 48 chosen artistes and Miss Hong Kong winners. The rundown consisted of the blessing, a cocktail party, grand opening, a lighting ceremony for the anniversary and a live show in the evening.

The blessing ceremony took place at three o'clock sharp in the car park opposite Studio 1 and the heavens shone on them, despite weather forecasts of clouds and drizzle, the sun shone down on them all supporting Master Lee's prediction of 20 years good luck.

There were many rules that everyone had to follow that were laid down by Master Lee for the ceremony, such as not wearing black and for those born in the year of the rat to stay on one side. As a result Melissa Ng was not allowed to place her incense at the main altar. Also, those who are Christians, such as Nancy Sit, Flora Chan and Bernice Liu were also not required to offer incense.

After the ceremony, there was a lion dance that accompanied Sir Run Run Shaw who passed out lucky packets for everyone and TVB has been extremely generous on this occasion, raising the contents from the usual $2 at Chinese New Year to $20.

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Everyone was very excited at yesterday's Grand Opening and blessing ceremony and the company had previously instructed their staff to be at Studio 1 at 1pm prompt for a briefing on the ceremony. Most people arrived early to put on their make up and entered the studios on time. Topping the lateness stakes was Kwong Wa, who arrived a whole 25 minutes late accompanied by his wife Kitman. Priscilla Ku was 21 minutes late and third place was shared by Julian Cheung and Louis Yuen.

When Kwong Wa arrived, he seemed very relaxed despite being late as he smiled a "Sorry!", in fact the colleagues from the PR department were more concerned, reminding him he was late and warning him to hurry up. Later Kwong Wa commented that this celebration was like going to a banquet and it doesn't really matter if you are late or even if you don't turn up because it is all about respect and thought, as long as everyone is happy. Following on from the afternoon show, Kwong Wa was also late for the live broadcast in the evening. The show was due to start at 8:35, but he was nowhere to be seen at 8:25 when the crew began desperately calling him into make-up. When he strolled in at 8:35 on the dot, the crew quickly called him to get changed to which he replied: "Do I have to get changed?"

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(report summarised)

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