Friday, October 17, 2003

[Sing Pao]

Usually girls don't like their boyfriends to talk about their past love affairs, but Joyce Tang is very open minded and when she went with boyfriend Marco Ngai to a bird's nest banquet on Thursday, Marco's old flame Elaine Ho was also there, but Joyce encouraged him to go and say hello to her, showing total openness - it is little wonder that Marco has given her all his love!

Marco and Joyce took part in a banquet at the Miramar Hotel and as they were invited by Chan Man Na, they appeared dressed quite casually, but only when they arrived did they realise it was a formal occasion as they laughed: "Luckily we are artistes and they just took it as a fashion statement!" Having recently successfully completed a slimming regime, Joyce's figure is looking fitter and fitter and Marco is looking ever more brawny. When Joyce was asked whether she has taken her boyfriend with her to go slimming, she said: "Muscle cannot be slimmed and there is no men's section. (With you all wrapped up tonight, you won't be able to show your quali.) I already showed it at the TVB anniversary show, the weather wasn't so cold then so I could show off."

As Marco and Joyce stood together, his ex-girlfriend Elaine Ho arrived on the scene and although they were not going to the same event, Marco still said hello to her and chatted a little, before happily taking a photo together. When Elaine asked Marco if Joyce would be jealous, Marco said: "It was her who told me to come and say hello!" Later, Elaine asked whether she should have a photo taken with Joyce and whether she will be angry. Marco later replied: "The past is the past and we are all adults. I am very happy today because Joyce mentioned I should go and say hello, she is not a person with hidden agendas and I don't know how many good things I must have done in a former life to have met her in this one. I love her forever and ever." With Joyce bringing together these two lovers from over ten years ago for a photograph, it is litle wonder that Marco offers her words of undying love.

Elaine also says that she has not seen Marco for eight years. She is now acting as agent for some animal foods and is not dating, nor does she have this intention. She has not been in touch with her former husband because arguments when dating and arguments in marriage are two very different things.


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