Wednesday, October 22, 2003

[Sing Pao]

TVB's anniversary production "Triumph in the Skies" (Chung Seung Wan Siu) held a premiere screening at Cathay Pacific Airways yesterday and the artistes present included Francis Ng, Flora Chan, Michelle Ye and Joe Ma. As 'best actor', Francis was very popular with the flight attendants and when he went on stage to talk, there was some commotion from the audience.

When Francis was being interviewed, he admitted he was a little shocked by the reception and said that it has been a while since he has been surrounded by pretty girls. He reveals that he rarely goes out and as this environment was very comfortable, he was happy to sign autographs and take photos. When asked whether his wife will be jealous, he says: "She can't worry about too much!" He also reveals that whilst filming, he mostly chatted with the newly graduated artistes who played flight attendants because they would film until three or four in the morning. He laughs that he would play a murderer and cop game, whereas real cabin crew would be very busy and would probably have no time for him.

This time is the first time that Francis has appeared in a TVB series since "Old Time Buddies" (Lan Hing Lan Dai) and he jokes: "I filmed this a while ago and I don't remember the character's personality now, I only remember that I was insistent on this hairstyle, so I hope it is not out of fashion yet!" He is very confident with the ratings for this show and believes it will reach 30 points and also points out that his series will usually break thirty points mark. For example "Old Time Buddies" started in the twenties and then maintained thirty points later on. He also says that this show is very attractive from the beginning because he and Flora have a hot kissing scene.

For this series, Francis says that he spent a six-figure sum on clothing, buying a leather coat and other items in Italy. When asked if he lost out financially, he says: "Nearly, I have a low income!"

When asked whether he is pinning hopes on this show gaining him an award at the anniversary, he was very gracious and said: "I hope that the other artistes get awards, I feel that Joe Ma was very good and he is a high point for this show. I hope he wil get an award."


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