Saturday, October 25, 2003

[Sing Pao]

Roger Kwok appeared at a promotional event yesterday for the Shanghai Area contest of the "2003 Miss China Grace Pageant" and presented the twenty contestants with handbags on behalf of the sponsors as well as testing their conversation and reactions. When they had their photos taken, Number 5 Zhao Cancan who stood beside him showed a very happy face and for Roger, being able to meet so many pretty girls, be paid a generous fee and take away some handbags himself, then of course he will be smiling!

When the reporters later joked that Roger was very priveliged to be accompanied by so many pretty girls, Roger replied directly: "I am very happy to see so many beauties, the quality is very good. (You seemed very popular, number 5 seemed to be smitten!) Maybe she has seen my series, there really are a lot of pretty girls in Shanghai. (With so much praise, are you not worried about upsetting your girlfriend?) Not at all, the admiration for my girlfriend is held in my heart." He admits that the contestants were very happy to be in Hong Kong because they could see the Victoria Harbour show, meet artistes and spend money in Hong Kong. WHen asked whether he knew that there was a deaf-mute contestant, Roger said: "I know, I feel that is very meaningful, no frontiers and no discrimination and proving that beauty contests are open to all. I feel that her appearance is very beautiful and her disability does not mean anything."

When talking of 'Ah Wong' from "Square Pegs" being the top favourite in TVB's "My Favourite Male Lead" award, Roger says happily: "I hope tht as well as breaking the ratings record, I can also break the voting record. Hoping that those viewers who are missing Ah Wong will know what to do, because if they want to see Ah Wong make an appearance then they will have to vote! I don't give myself any pressure because TVB is a family and we will still be happy no matter who wins. There will be two new series aired soon, starring Julian Cheung and Francis Ng, so it's still anyone's game up to the end. (Your girlfriend voted for you!) Of course my girlfriend will support me!"

Number 5 Zhao Cancan says that she has watched Roger's series and she feels that he is very cultured and gracious.


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