Tuesday, October 14, 2003

[Sing Pao]

Modern day people are gaining more and more confidence in traditional Chinese Medicine, but many young people have little knowledge in this field. With a modern outward appearance, Sammul Chan has had the care of his family since he was young and has gained an insight into Chinese herbs, so unlike many young people who run away at the smell of a herbal remedy, he loves this unique fragrance.

Recently Chinese Medicine food and drink remedies have become available in many restaurants and this has attracted many customers eager to seek out healthy eating options. Recently the Maxim's group has also introduced a range of such foods and together with fellow Metro Radio DJ's, Sammul has been to sample it. The three of them tried nine different dim sum dishe and don't be fooled by Sammul's active nature, it turns out that he knows a lot about Chinese herbs, with some of the dishes he could tell what was in it just by looking at it.

It turns out that Sammul's parents like making herbal soup and when he was young, he would be taken along to the herbalists in Kowloon City to pick out some ingredients and developing his interest in this. He says: "Ever since I was young, I love the scent of Chinese herbs and I know how to use them to make soup." Many people will take Chinese Medicine for good health and having used them since he was young, does Sammul find they are beneficial? He says: "It is really good! Your cheeks turn nice and pink and drinking herbal soup in winter will make you feel much warmer!"

Many young people are afraid of the strong smells of Chinese herbs, but Sammul has a love for it as he laughs: "Why would I be afraid of herb smells? I have even tried wild game and drank cat soup!" He explains that once he visited the mainland in winter with some friends and someone suggested that they tried some wild game. At the time he thought it might be armadillo or snake, but only afterwards was he informed that they had drunk Cat Soup and he was very shocked. He says that Cat Soup doesn't taste any different, but afterwards he felt very warm inside all night.

Sammul Chan loves his herbs and has tried wild foods, but he is very afraid of eating fish because he does not like the fishy smell. He says: "As I am a Chiu Chow person, my family have always liked cooking very smelly fish and after eating it so much, I have become very afraid of that fishy smell."

On the day of the tasting, Sammul immediately went to learn how to make "Winter Worm Grass, Fresh Lotus Glutinous Rice Balls" from chef Master Wong and although he is a man, he seems to know how to cook. He say that he does cook usually and his speciality dish is Satay Beef that has gained much acclaim from his friends. However he laughs that the dish he cooks most often now is instant noodles.


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