Wednesday, October 29, 2003

[Sing Pao, Ming Pao, The Sun]

It has been a good five or six years since Roger Kwok last took on his own stunts during filming, but yesterday in a chase scene for TVB's new series "Gak Sai Jui Hung", not only did he jump from the first floor into a truck, he also climbed an advertising board four storeys tall following in the footsteps of Jackie Chan. Roger laughs: "The one behind Jackie is me! 'Ngong Fu' can finally become 'Sing Lung' [Em: this is a play on words with Jackie's Chinese Name Sing Lung and the Chinese title to 'Square Pegs' (Ngong Fu Sing Lung).]

At around 7am yesterday, the location team landed in Wanchai to film this scene, as Roger jumped from the first floor of the building onto the top of a truck to pursue a criminal. TVB's preparations were very sufficient and after a demonstration from the stuntman, Roger felt confident he could do it himself as he took the dive four times to ensure each of the four cameras had their shot and completing the scene successfully. Roger explains that he wanted to do it himself because it has been a long time since he last made an action series with dangerous stunts and he wanted to see if he could still do it. Afterwards, he felt it was great fun, especially when people in the top deck of the bus were startled as they watched him jumping from a building.

After this, Roger's climb up onto an advertising hoarding four storeys high was frightening with each step, even with the safety wires and he was so nervous that he developed cramp in his arms. Together with the swaying of the scaffold holding the structure up, he daren't spare a muscle and even the watching bystanders called up to him: "Roger, isn't it dangerous sitting up there?" as they watched him taking deep breaths sitting on the step. Only when everything was finished did they all breathe a sigh of relief. When Roger was asked for his feeling afterwards, he says: "I was very frightened! Climbing a ladder four storeys high was quite frightening, like doing a bungee jump. The jump onto the van before was dangerous, but this was just thrilling, especially as I couldn't fail with so many reporters watching! The hoarding has a canvas attached to it and it was quite nerve-wracking as it moved around. After I got half way up I was already very scared, but the harder I grasped it, the less my arms listened to me as I developed cramp and had to relax a little before I could carry on climbing."

Recently Roger's insurance policy expired, but when he found out about this scene, he quickly renewed it. However the benefactor is not his girlfriend.


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