Monday, October 20, 2003

[Sing Pao]

Many people say that showbiz circles are full of gossip and rumours and since Anne Heung took the crown of Miss Hong Kong in 1998, five years have passed, but over these years, the gossip about her has been minimal and any gossip linking her with others has been very rare. It appears she has a method of dealing with the press, so as well as putting her out of the picture, it has earned her the title of "mutually exclusive to gossip".

Anne's stardom has not been bad, with her first series "The Legend of Lady Yang" bringing her the lead role and then filming series after series non-stop, however she describes herself as still learning and she is still discovering her performance styles. As she says: "If I say I am fine so soon, then there will never be any improvement!" In November, she will be changing her role style somewhat as Kwong Yip Sang's new series is about the grassroots class in society and Anne will be playing a tomboy character who has a small business in Ap Liu Street, working with Sonija Kwok, Shirley Yeung, Bobby Au-Yeung and Wayne Lai. With the rumours about Sonija and Shirley whilst filming "Nameless Angels 3D" is Anne afraid that she will be dragged into it? Anne replies calmly: "I'm not afraid, most of my scenes will be with Bobby and Wayne and there is a way of avoiding rumours." What method is this? Anne says: "THe method is not to talk about other people's affairs and only talk about my own things. (You can avoid talking about others but you can't stop them talking about you?) Well I have never tried that, but if I don't respond then people will find it boring anyway!"

Anne has reason in what she says, just like whilst "Perish in the Name of Love" was filming, working with "Rumour Demons" Charmaine Sheh, Sonija Kwok and Steven Ma, she did not attract any bad press to herself, the main reason was that her scenes with them were minimal and the other was that she kept to her own affairs and safely passed by. Anne says: "If you want to evade gossip, you must remember not to play too hard whilst working and avoid misunderstanding from the people around you."

Anne is a person who knows how to protect herself and friends have said this about her since she was young. From the day she entered showbiz, she said to herself: "I will not become known through rumours and gossip as this will be bad for my image. Before I entered the industry I was warned that it was easy to become corrupted in these circles, I didn't believe it because whether or not you become corrupted is down to yourself. So I just did my own thing and over the years, my friends have felt I have not changed and when we go out, they do not treat me as an artist."


[Sing Pao]

Francis Ng was invited to an interview by RTHK yesterday during which he offered words of support to Leon Lai who had recently been the target of comments from many co-stars on "Infernal Affairs III".

When asked about his TVB series "Triumph in the Skies" that is soon to air as an Anniversary show, what expectations does he have for it? Francis says that his hopes are the same as those of TVB for good results. Is he interested in the award for "My Favourite Male Lead Role"? He says: "The anniversary is the 19th November and at that time, the show will have been aired for two weeks, but I really haven't thought about it because I only film series as a hobby. (Were you not accustomed to filming series again?) Not at all, it was great fun. If it was routine, it would be different, but I must be responsible for those series that I choose to film. (Will you be making any more series for TVB?) We have discussed it, but it will be at least another year or two. I have a new movie filming next month, but the details are secret at the moment. The pairings may be quite interesting so the orders are that they are not to be revealed before filming starts."


[Ta Kung Pao]

Roger Kwok and Flora Chan were filming on location in Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday. With Adam Cheng's recent suggestion that "Ah Wong" from series "Square Pegs" has a big chance of winning the top male lead award in this year's TVB anniversary, does Roger feel that is a confidence booster? He replies with his usual modesty: "I think Adam has a good chance as well, he is everyone's idol and a comedy master, he deserves the award more. If I get an award, I will be very happy, if I don't then it doesn't matter, I have never minded about these things."

Also, talking with Flora about recent reports that she has been dating a new man, she replies angrily: "It's already old news, it has already appeared in another magazine three months ago, saying he was my boyfriend and I have already clarified that he is not. However, this magazine continued to photograph me with him and I already said the same thing again to the press, but they keep writing it and there's nothing I can do." When asked whether she had confirmed her contract renewal with TVB, she is still very secretive about it, saying that she still can't talk about it.


[Additional from The Sun]

When Roger was asked about appearing as guest star at Joey Yung's concert, he said: "I saw in the papers that Chris Wong tried to touch her, so I tried to do the same thing, but I was only feeling the texture of her clothes! I went there straight after filming and then afterwards, I had to go back to the studio, so Joey was very upset when she saw me, I was just afraid that that would affect her performance, but everyone understood."

Also, at about ten o'clock in the morning, there was a real murder a few streets away from where Kiki Sheung was filming a murder scene, but when asked about it, Kiki said later: "I didn't know about the murder, so I wasn't afraid."


[Oriental Daily]

Gallen Lo has recently returned to TVB to film a clip for the TVB Sales Presentation previewing "Tin Ming Sor Gwai" (Returning the Will of Heaven). Gallen was filming in the Ancient Street at TVB City yesterday where he played Tang Emperor Li Shimin in a scene where he murdered his elder brother Li Jiancheng (Marco Ngai) and his younger brother Li Yuanji (Kevin Cheng), during this scene, a horse lost control and broke some of the set as Gallen's stunt double had a tooth knocked out. Gallen was relieved he was not on the horse at the time of the chaos. Luckily the stuntman was not injured and Gallen immediately felt guilty as he rushed forward to offer his concerns. Gallen reveals that he has always been afraid of riding horses because he has poor balance and as soon as he has mounted, he is very afraid. He laughs that despite his outwardly masculine appearance, he is rather cowardly and has no martial arts background at all.

Kevin Cheng who was riding another horse during the commotion found his own horse becoming unstable and when it had been calmed down and he dismounted, Kevin revealed that he was very worried at the time, but luckily he was uninjured. Afterwards, when he played the scene where he was murdered by Gallen, Kevin had to lie next to a pile of horse dung and he laughs he has never been so intimate with horse dung before."

(Report summarised)

[Oriental Daily]

Nnadia Chan appeared at an event yesterday to promote a happy and healthy family environment and she revealed that she is interested in sponsoring and adopting children: "I really love children but I have never thought about having babies of my own because getting married is such a distant thought for me, of course I will not be an unmarried mother, so I will adopt a child instead. (Are you worried that adopted children are of no blood relation to you?) No, I was brought up by an adopted mother and we got on very well. It doesn't matter if I gave birth to them or not as long as I treat them in the same manner."


[Oriental Daily]

Sonija Kwok appeared with Patrick Tang yesterday filming a clip for the TVB Sales Presentation showcasing series "Fuk Yu Fan Wan" (Tumultuous Rain Clouds) and although she was hanging from wires all day, she didn't find it hard work because she is used to it from filming "Nameless Angels 3D". Luckily, her ear imbalance is now completely better otherwise, she would have felt a little nauseous. The costumes in this show have a modern feeling to them and no wig was required, together with a low waisted dress. Sonija feels it is quite interesting, so she will be very pleased if the show goes ahead because she likes filming action scenes and if the action isn't too dangerous she will not use a stunt double.

Sonija and boyfriend Deric Wan will soon be celebrating their first year together and she has already prepared a present and her boyfriend has also made a present for her. Although there has been a lot of news about them, Sonija emphasises that their relationship has not been affected and they are still very much in love.

In November, Sonija will begin filming "Ap Liu Gai Ha Ji Gam Dan" (Golden Egg Under Ap Liu Street) with Bobby Au-Yeung. She believes it will be great fun working with Bobby because he does not have any rumours and there will be a lot less hassle.


[Oriental Daily]

TVB's new special interest show "Jing Ying Ye Ngoi Kwong Ban" (Stars Go Wild in the Country) invited six artistes: Jade Leung, Bosco Wong, Kevin Cheng, Wong On Kei, Margaret Chung and Stephanie Wang to an outdoor training camp to work in teams to take part in competitions and Stephanie appeared wearing a two piece swimsuit to stand up in a game where they had to jump from a pier. However a slight misjudgement whilst jumping in caused her top to slip and Stephanie revealed more than she bargained for of her 35D figure. In the game, the stars had to overcome many difficult tasks, such as crossing a plank twenty foot high, building a raft, jumping from a pier for a swim and an overnight scavenger hunt in order to test their courage and physical ability. Although Jade, On Kei and Margaret are girls, their bravery was not to be underestimated.

Also, when they were filming the scene at the pier, Stephanie claimed to be afraid of water and stood at the side for a full ten minutes delaying the filming and not diving in. As the crew were forced to stand and wait for her under the beating sun, there were some complaints and although there were no words said directly to her, the atmosphere was somewhat awkward as a few accusing stares were exchanged.


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