Friday, October 24, 2003

[Sing Pao]

In order to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of a restaurant concept in Lan Kwai Fong, Charmaine Sheh was among the guests at the event. Wearing a leopard print shoulderless dress, she was the centre of attention for some foreign men who showered her with wolf whistles.

When the press praised Charmaine for even attracting tourists, she smiled: "Really?" She says that sometimes she would go to these places and she used to go clubbing when she was studying in Switzerland and got drunk when she graduated. Does she feel it is less accessible to her after entering showbiz? Charmaine says: "Not at all, it just depends on what frame of mind you have. (Have you come across rude people before?) They are mostly very polite and very nice. (Have you met any men through this?) No."

Not long after arriving, Charmaine had to rush away. She came along because she knows the boss quite well, but she had to go back to film "Palatial Sins". She reveals that the four lead females in this show are getting along very well and there should be no rumours. The filming will soon be moving to the mainland for location and she will be spending the new year and Chinese New Year there. Also she filmed a bathing scene earlier. Recently there have been reports that she and Sonija Kwok have been 'discriminatory' towards Shirley Yeung. Charmaine says: "I have not taken any notice of this news. This is the first time I have worked with Shirley and I find her quite intelligent and quick to learn." As for her series "Sai Kwan Dai Siu" (The Point of No Return) becoming an anniversary production, Charmaine says she is quite nervous especially as she had the chance to work with masters such as Damian Lau and Chiu Nga Chi.


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