Friday, October 24, 2003

[Report from Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

TVB's new series "Sum Ling Gai Tong" (Mind & Soul Chicken Soup) held its costume tryout yesterday at TVB city, featuring Sunny Chan who returns to TVB after three years away, as well as the other artistes including Joyce Tang, Eileen Yeow, Kevin Cheng, Fiona Yuen and Kong Chi Nei. Sunny will be playing a psychologist, who specialises in psychological patients affected by depression caused by lows in their careers or love life. When asked whether he has had such experiences in real life, he says: "My lowest point was when I was 19 and had a break up, I lay at home for three whole days and did not do anything, but I was fine afterwards." Sunny reveals his character in the show has a strange illness in that every time he kisses screen girlfriend Fiona Yuen, he will have tummy problems and thus she often laughs at him. In the end he loses her and finds another girlfriend.

When asked about his marriage plans to girlfriend Ada To, Sunny admitted: "We are planning to get married on the 4th of February next year, but it will not be in Hong Kong, definitely abroad. Afterwards, we will return and have three meals for our relatives, friends and old schoolmates." (Will you be having children soon?) "Just go with the flow, I am not young now, so it is about time."

Eileen Yeow will be playing a bisexual in this series, but she says she does not mind because she finds this will be a challenge. When asked if she had been pursued by a woman before, she says:: "I studied at a girls' school and I have received a love letter from someone, but I am heterosexual, so I was very against it." Eileen's girlfriend in the show will be Kong Chi Nei, but the producer has also arranged a husband for her as well to make things more interesting.

Joyce Tang revealed she will be playing a Fung Shui expert, so she has to dress very smartly and somewhat maturely. When asked whether she has had to learn some geomancy skills to perfect her role, she laughs: "Yeah! Recently, I have started to study the Chinese compass and read the almanac to learn some of the vocabulary. (Do you believe in it?) Although the times are different, but these things are the result of thousands of years of experience, so I think there should be 70 - 80% accuracy in it."

Also, when the subject of her slimming ads was brought up and reports of her being very fussy when selecting clothes, Joyce replied both angrily and with an air of resignation: "Forget it, I don't want to keep going on about it, the more I say the darker it will get. I am innocent!" Her assistant Ah Kai offered an explanation on her behalf, saying that the report was the complete opposite to the truth, it wasn't Joyce who didn't want to wear the yellow suit, but the company who instructed her not to wear yellow because it wasn't very lucky for her. It was not at all like the situation described in the report.


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