Friday, October 31, 2003

(Photos from Sing Pao and Ta Kung Pao)
[Ta Kung Pao]

Roger Kwok, Joey Yung, 2R and Lee Yat Long were among the artistes taking part in the "Operation Warmth 2003" event promoting the safety of elderly people on the MTR and they joined two hundred senior citizens on a trip from Kowloon to the Airport on the MTR Airport Express before having lunch and playing games at the Airport Hotel. During the journey, Roger joined the elderly passengers in the carriage to talk and take photographs, much to their pleasure. When Roger was seen surrounded by grannies all wanting to have their picture with him, he was instantly re-branded as the "Granny Assassin"!

During this time, a lady asked Roger who was his 'lo por jai' ('little wife' à la "Square Pegs") and Roger said immediately: "Jessica Hsuan!" At which point one of the grannies laughed at him saying: "No she isn't, Cindy Au is your lo por jai. Where is your lo por jai?" To which Roger replied cheekily: "She is at home cooking dinner."

Afterwards, Roger was asked whether the grannies and grampas had asked when he would get married. He says that he will have have a lot of work lined up for the future, so he does not have any intention to marry just yet. Later, Roger will be heading to the mainland and Taiwan to film series and when asked whether TVB are prepared to let him go, Roger says that he has always had good relations with TVB and bext year he will return to TVB to film a grand production. As for whether his price abroad is better than that of TVB, Roger laughs: "I am very happy filming at TVB, but elsewhere I am excited, the feeling is very different."

With Roger being nominated for both "Square Pegs" and "Not Just A Pretty Face" in this year's anniversary awards, is he not pitting himself against himself? He says: "I hope that both shows will get awards, that would be the best thing!" Also, seeing Roger replying to the grannies that his 'wife' is at home cooking dinner, is he suggesting that Cindy is prepared to be his supporting lady? Roger explains that he was just joking. Cindy has been working herself all along and later will be appearing in a travel show as well as doing some stage appearances. Has Roger requested that she doesn't have to work? He says that he will not do this, because women should go with the times and cannot lose touch with society and trends.


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