Thursday, October 09, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Yoyo Mung had a new breakthrough yesterday as she appeared as a model for her new signing as spokesperson for a lingerie company, causing quite a stir among the members of the audience.

Yoyo signed a seven-figure deal with the company and with some conflict, she took part in a fashion show in Lan Kwai Fong yesterday as she said: "When I went on stage I was very scared because I wasn't sure if the bra was secured properly. Having someone put the bra on for you is a very strange feeling and you don't know if it is secure or not. Later the atmosphere was quite good, so even though I wasn't going to take the shirt off, I did anyway."

Yoyo's bottom half was a little more reserved, not appearing in her knickers. She said: "That is a very sensitive region and I am not a model, so I am afraid my figure will affect the appearance. This is already my limit." When asked whether she had made protective measures, Yoyo revealed: "I have used some protective pads, originally I had forgotten but when I looking in the mirror and saw my nipple sticking out, I asked for a pad to use." Yoyo says she has had to get fit for this show and appear at her best.


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