Friday, October 24, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

With reports about Lawrence Ng's "jollies in Beijing" and his response by hiding and not even making contact with his girlfriend Iva Lo, then it is little wonder that he did not make it back to take part in the filming of the Sales Presentation clip for "Healing Hands III". As some of TVB's top male stars helped out with filming the presentation clip yesterday, Lawrence remained in Beijing to continue filming his mainland production "Jia Ren You Yue".

Due to Lawrence's absence, the time in front of the camera was passed over to other male leads, such as Deric Wan who has just returned from Taiwan. When he received the call that TVB would like him to film the sales clip, his attitude was the complete opposite to Lawrence's as he rushed back to Hong Kong to spend the whole day filming before catching a celebration of a year together with his girlfriend Sonija Kwok, killing two birds with one stone.

Artistes who took part in the filming for the "Healing Hands III" clip included the original characters played by Flora Chan, Bowie Lam, Maggie Siu, Raymond Cho and Wong Tak Ban as well as new additions of Roger Kwok, Frankie Lam, Deric Wan, Eddie Kwan and Sunny Chan. Although it is not related in any way to the two original series, everyone has been called back to film the presentation clip and honoured to be part of such a big production presentation, the stars were not put off by the prospect of filming in a cemetary. The environment in 'Ho Yuen' is very peaceful and having the chance to see where those who receive the highest honour burial from the state are laid to rest as well as receiving a good luck lucky packet, then why not go along?

Louis Koo was not there in person, but his photograph was there, 'helping out' by playing a doctor who was affected and died from SARS, so during the clip, you will see a photograph of Louis on the tombstone.


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