Tuesday, October 14, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

With the rapid growth of the entertainment industry in Mainland China, they have latched onto the value of the Hong Kong stars and often artistes can find their names and images fraudulently linked to products to which they do not officially represent. Recently, Flora Chan has been victim to these underhanded promotional techniques, becoming a pornographic star promoting a Mainland adult internet site.

The paid website is one where you can download over a hundred Chinese and Western movies as well as adult films, including the recent blockbuster "Infernal Affairs II". The amusing thing is that one of these adult films claims to star Flora, but it would appear that those who download it will be disappointed. Flora's fans on the mainland were rather shocked to find that she has been portrayed in this way and although they are sure that it is not true, they immediately sent hundreds of complaints to the owners of this site and it was soon closed down. However, within a day of it closing, it was back in business again as before.

Flora finds this incident rather amusing as she says: "I am thankful for them for finding my figure good enough! I am not afraid of it affecting my imaged because everyone knows it isn't real. Just see it as opening a new market in telling people not to be so fooling and fall for it because Flora Chan will not make adult movies. Haha!"


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