Wednesday, October 08, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

TVB's new series "Ngo Hai Wong Fei Hung" (My Master is Wong Fei Hung) will begin filming mid-month and producer Wong Wai Sing is looking for realism in the Kung Fu scenes and cinematic effect, so not only has he requested that all the male stars shave their heads, he has also arranged for all the cast to learn Hung Kune from a master.

A group of cast members including "Master" Bosco Wong, "Leung Foon" Sammul Chan and "Mok Kwai Lan" Rain Li were at the class yesterday and as well as warm up, stretching and basic stance exercises, they also had to fire some punches and kicks. The all worked very hard and although she was the female there, Rain Li had no special treatment. No wonder she said: "After the first session, my arms, legs and back muscles ached a lot, but I find that learning Kung Fu is very practical as it can be used for self-defence and people will not mess with you. Maybe I have a dance background, so the master praised me saying that my muscles are quite strong. Also I am constantly practicing my kicks in the hope that I can perfect it." Apart from this, Rain also reveals that she will do her best in the show and not use a stunt double, doing her own fights. She also laughs that she can become a fighting star after this show.

Also, Bosco Wong who will be playing the young Master Wong, says that as the character is well known, it is hard to grasp in depth. He says: "Because Wong Fei Hung is a name known in every household and he has been so well played by Jet Li and Master Kwan, he is deeply grounded in people's hearts, so there will definitely be some pressure there for me."


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