Thursday, October 09, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

TVB will be holding its Pre-Anniversary lighting up and Broadcast City Grand Opening this Sunday and originally it had opted to choose 36 stars to represent each year of its 36th Anniversary to appear with Sir Run Run Shaw at the blessing ceremony. However, after much fighting and conflict, this figure has risen to 46 stars and the numbers keep rising, causing some amusement.

The original thirty-six stars included MC's, lead males and females and some rising newcomers. Of course TVB would look after its salaried artistes first as well as its treasures such as Gallen Lo, who is still taking part in next year's sales presentation despite having left the company.

Originally, many of the stars such as Adam Cheng, Lawrence Ng, Kwong Wa, Ada Choi and Benny Chan were unable to attend because they are filming abroad, creating some spaces in the 36, but when there is a shortage, people will fight and now even Julian Cheung, Tang Chi Fung, Marco Ng and Joyce Tang have been included in the namelist and together with the five Miss Hong Kong winners: Mandy Cho, Rabee'a Yeung, Priscilla Chik, Carrie Lee and Selena Lee, this has now become 46 stars and with many of those working away trying to return for the event, this number is continuously rising.


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