Sunday, October 05, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

TVB has been actively preparing for the "2004 TV Series Sales Presentation" to be held in November when over a thousand prospective advertising sponsors will be invited to Broadcast City to be introduced to forthcoming production plans. Reports indicate that although he has left, Gallen Lo has been invited to take part and will be taking on the part of Tang Emperor Li Shimin in an ancient drama.

Recently returning from Dongguan, Gallen was interviewed yesterday and confirmed that he will be taking part in an ancient production for the sales presentation. This is the first ancient drama he will have filmed for TVB for seven years and he says it is quite refreshing.

As it is just for the presentation, then he is only required for one or two weeks, so Gallen is willing to help out. However his work is very tightly scheduled for the near future so it is not known whether he will be able to film the actual series next year and it is unclear when he will be able to repay his ten episode debt to TVB.

As well as filming the presentation clip, Gallen will also be appearing at the opening ceremony for Broadcast City and Pre-Anniversary party on Sunday. Although he is no longer contracted, TVB is still treating him well, so no wonder he is so grateful to them.

Gallen says: "My relationship with TVB is very good because I have worked hard for them for seventeen, eighteen years - probably the longest serving male artiste. I would like to go and try other things and TVB have been very supportive, so whenever TVB need my help, I will make an appearance."


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