Wednesday, October 29, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

This year's Miss Hong Kong runner up Rabee'a Yeung has been sponsored for a five figure sum to become this year's "Happiness Ambassador" for a travel agency and she said excitedly yesterday: "This is the first advertising contract I have signed and I don't know if they will be sponsoring my airfares for this year as they haven't said, but I am already happy that I am receiving offers of work already." Rabee'a also mentions that she has used her payment to go with Priscilla Chik to Japan to offer her support in the Miss International pageant as well as going back to Canada to visit her family. She laughs: "I haven't used it all, there is still some left, but I haven't thought about what to spend it on."

Also, Rabee'a as been learning some Chinese swordplay to perform in November at the Miss World Pageant in the hope of winning the Talent Competition. She says that the pageant will be taking place in Hainan Island this year so she won't be travelling far, but she is not disappointed: "I have never been to Hainan and it looks very beautiful there and I would quite like to go. As I have come back from abroad, there are many places in China such as Beijing and Shanghai that I have never been to. The Miss World teams will be filming on location there, so I was very happy when I found out that I could go and see so many places in China."


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