Friday, October 31, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

This year's Miss HK Rabeea Yeung, Priscilla Chik and Selena Lee appeared at a charity raffle draw yesterday and among them Rabeea who will soon be taking part in the Miss World contest this month, found out that Ambassador of Tourism for Hong Kong Jackie Chan will be appearing as a guest at the final and she said excitedly: "That's pretty good, I have never met him before and I would like to meet him in person." It turns out that Rabeea had watched a lot of Jackie's films back in Canada, she says: "He is very famous in Hollywood, so even if he is not my idol, I will still watch his films because he is really fighting."

Rabeea is busy preparing for the contest and has been looking at the other contestants on the internet, she says: "Some friends say that they have seen my photo on the website and I will be asking all my family and friends to go and vote for me." As for good friends Priscilla and Selena, they have planned to go to the location shoots in Beijing and Shanghai to support Rabeea. Priscilla laughs: "Well when I was in Miss International, she flew to support me in Japan, then of course I have to pay her back!"


[Em: You can go and support Rabeea here - http://www.missworld.org/contestants.asp?item=126&page=4 ]

Alex Fong, Shek Sau and Ada Choi were filming for TVB's sales presentation clip for "Jang Fan Dut Miu" (Fight for Every Second). There are a number of scenes to the clip and the producer had arranged for the gun fight and car chase to be filmed in a quiet spot far from the city where Alex and Shek Sau could show off their abilities.

There are many action scenes in this show and the production is serious and Shek Sau who plays a drugs baron is responsible for a run of car chase and gun fire sequences as the explosives team were called in to create the gunshots and make sure that everything was safe even with bullets flying around. Alex plays a courageous police officer and is definitely dashing as he reprises his usual role in a scene where he arrests Shek Sau and takes on the wire scenes himself, being hoisted up by a crane, diving from two or three storeys in the air to shoot at Shek Sau. The agile Alex completes this difficult scene in two or three moves, no wonder he is able to attract Ada's affections.

However, the two overnight shooting sessions do not involve Ada, as the producer is protecting her and letting her prepare for the love scene with Alex. However in order to keep the plot secret, the producer did not say any more about their relationship.

In the whole filming session, Alex and Shek Sau were totally focussed and nearly all the stunts were carried out without the need for stunt doubles. When a passing police officer on patrol stopped by, he praised Shek Sau's professionalism and shook him by the hand to offer his support. As for Alex who was a producer himself, he was very interested in the filming process and how the director dealt with each scene and picked up a few tips along the way. Maybe 'Director Fong' is not too distant a thought.


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