Sunday, October 26, 2003

[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Hawick Lau, who has become the spokesperson for a Fitness Centre, originally shot a set of revealing ads for his sponsors with his trousers unbuttoned in a rather brave image. Afterwards, despite the support from his rumoured girlfriend Bernice Liu, his plans to capture his body in its prime with some nude shots was scrapped on the grounds of decency by the sponsors who released a set of rather toned down shots on the ads. However, the most revealing picture was blown up and shown at yesterday's opening ceremony for this company and Hawick laughs: "You can't be totally naked in an advertisement, but you can overstep the mark a little in a private place like the company premises. At least my efforts were not wasted!" As you worked so well with the photographer, will there be an even more daring set of ads in the future? "Yes, I am even fitter now so I wouldn't mind going totally naked or try some bottom revealing clothes... as long as it is allowed on the streets."

With the usually rather reserved Hawick turning into a sexy stylish man, is he worried about becoming a gay icon? Hawick laughs: "I don't mind! I don't mind if my friends are gay because they are especially nice people, actually I rather like being their friends. (Have you been asked out by a gay man?) Yes, they follow me into the toilets and at the gym they watch me getting changed and it can be rather embarrassing when I am down to my underpants!"

When Bernice heard that Hawick would like to do a nude shoot, she said with her eyes wide open: "Really? Wow! I couldn't do that!"


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