Sunday, October 05, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Steven Ma is being well looked after by TVB and has been selected to take part in the special Pre-Anniversary party. Originally he was unable to make it as he was scheduled to be in Malaysia working on a promotional trip for TVB's Satellite channel there, but Steven feels an honour to be invited by TVB and so he has made arrangements to leave immediately after the show for the ten hour trip to Singapore to catch the early plane back to Hong Kong in the hope he will be back in time for the ceremony at twelve noon.

In order to be part of the blessing ceremony, Steven will have to undertake a ten hour journey through the countryside and he laughs: "The rush has a feel of 'running away' to it and for safety's sake, I will not be sleeping! (You are certainly working yourself hard for TVB...) It is just my thought... I just hope that the plane will not be delayed and I can make it there smoothly." Also, in response to the news of his sister's cancer condition, Steven says that she is undergoing chemotherapy and her health is getting better and he thanks everyone for their concern.

(Steven was pulling a bus as part of an event for the 25th Anniversary of the Recovery Bus.)


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