Sunday, October 05, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Starring Adam Cheng, Cecilia Yip, Joyce Tang and Michelle Ye, TVB's new series "Fei Sheung Ngoi Fu" (The Driving Power - previously known as Unusual Father In Law) will begin airing today (Monday). As Adam and Cecilia are both working on the mainland at the moment, they are unable to appear at the promotional events, so the party aboard the memory lane tram yesterday was only attended by Joyce, Michelle, Angela Tong and Kenneth Ma. The artistes wore their sixties costumes and attracted the attentions of many passers by, doing much for the promotion.

In response to the "Ding Hai Effect" reported to cause the stockmarket to fall whenever Adam Cheng is on the screen, Michelle Ye, who has investments in bonds, says she is not worried: "Even if I lose out, then Adam will pay me back! I am his daughter in the show, so he can pay compensation to his wife and daughter!" As for Angela Tong who was met with her friend Chung Wai Yee using her account to buy stocks and leaving her in debt in the past, she says she is very afraid now: "I do buy shares, but they are blue chip, so even if Adam's omen comes true then it doesn't really matter so much, maybe pick them up when they are cheap. I will not be doing what Chung Wai Yee did and playing the marginal stocks, after that time, I will never do that again. When they suddenly tell you that you have made $90000 it seems too much like gambling and it is horrifying." On the other hand, Joyce Tang says she has not invested in shares because she says she knows little about it all: "I don't have any concept of financial management, I am a little woman so I like to have my money by my side."


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