Monday, October 06, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Sonija Kwok and Joe Ma have been specially chosen to film a special show entitled "Focus on Creating a New Path in Broadcasting" and although they were both wearing polo necks and leather coats for filming some wirework scenes, they don't mind because not everyone gets this chance.

After filming for "Nameless Angels 3D" Sonija had an ear infection that affected her balance and was nauseous for two weeks. Luckily she is better now and seeing Priscilla Chan's ear imbalance condition that may cause her retirement from entertainment, Sonija is very concerned and hopes that the condition will not return.

In fact, in the four years since Sonija won the Miss Hong Kong pageant, she has been filming non-stop and this has caused her to become ill. However, she feels that she needs to grasp every opportunity. TVB have been very understanding of her situation though and allowed her to take some time off to rest.

As for the postponement by TVB of airing Sonija's "The Legend of Love" that she filmed with her boyfriend Deric Wan, and replacing it with "The Driving Power", Sonija is somewhat disappointed with TVB's decision to make the change to try and rescue the ratings. However she adds that she will be guest starring in the last episode of "The Driving Power" where she plays a nanny who flirts with Adam Cheng. This is an opening for a sequel and she says that working with Adam for the first time, she was very nervous and often NG'ed. Adam was kind to her and not only did not scold her, but comforted her instead.

Joe Ma had taken his wife on holiday to Italy, but had flown back early because of this job and had to start work immediately after stepping off the plane. He says that TVB is giving him a lot of opportunities and he does not mind cutting short his holiday. He is confident with TVB's planned airing of "Triumph in the Skies" because of the strong cast in the show.


[Additional from The Sun]

Sonija revealed that during her illness, her boyfriend Deric Wan was working in Taiwan and not by her side, when asked whether she was afraid her boyfriend might play around whilst he was away, she says: "He wouldn't! He has always been very careful and I am very relaxed."


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