Monday, October 06, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Since the reports linking Lawrence Ng to a PR girl have appeared, he has been evading the Hong Kong press until yesterday when he undertook a short interview with the local media. He says that when he has finished his filming of this current series, he will take legal action against the magazine for the false reports. He says: "I am so busy every day I am half dead and only have one hour's sleep. I have no time to do anything else, so how can I do things like this?"

After this, he had to return to filming, so he passed it back to his assistant to respond. His assistant explained that this was all a misunderstanding and on the night, Lawrence did not drive Jin Qiaoqiao's car to the hotel. The photo of him "one man with three women" was with some of his co-stars and not PR girls. He hopes that the magazine that published this report is able to find the PR girl who received money for the reports as their witness for the court case, because this is currently in the hands of Lawrence's lawyers in Hong Kong.

Apart from this, Lawrence's good friend Michael Tao believes that this was all a misunderstanding and offers his support for whatever Lawrence does. This caused a stir with those present before Michael quickly added: "I mean with his work."


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