Wednesday, October 01, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Nancy Sit appeared yesterday with Cutie Mui and Michael Tse at an event promoting the Regional Council elections yesterday and Nancy revealed that many of her friends had suggested that she runs to be a councillor, however she has decided not to enter the political arena as she says: "I am too humane and I am not assertive or tough enough so I am not joining the elections. However if I stand, I think there will be a lot of people supporting me, but I would rather they support my TV work instead."

As for some suggestions to shorten the voting time, Nancy objects to this strongly: "If they realise this, I will not be able to vote because each time I go to vote, I am always the last person to arrive at the polling station. I think they should extend it so that will be more convenient for the busy people."

Apart from this, Nancy's sister is starting to study Chinese divination and has drawn a life chart up for her, finding that Nancy's work will be unbelievably high. Also she has found that Nancy will have health problems in 2012, but Nancy says: "If I keep working at the rate I am today for another ten years, then of course my health will suffer."


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