Thursday, October 30, 2003

[Oriental Daily / Ming Pao]

The visit to Hong Kong of China's astronaut Yang Liwei has become the top conversation piece lately and when Bernice Liu was attending a dance show earlier, she said excitedly: "I would like to meet a real life astronaut, then I could take photos with him and ask for his autograph."

Bernice admits that she doesn't know whether she will be chosen to take part in TVB's production to welcome Mr Yang, but she is very hopeful: "This is a great chance and if I can have my picture taken with him, I would be very happy. Yang Liwei's success is an indication of a new era for China."

The show that Bernice was attending was a display of the African rhythmic dancing called "Umoja" that has been highly praised. As a dance fanatic herself, Bernice says that she rushed over to watch it as soon as she finished work especially to watch the dance. She says: "I have learned many different forms of dance and I am most accustomed with ballet that I have done for 19 years, however I have never tried African Dance."


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