Friday, October 03, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Lawrence Ng has been photographed recently appearing in a Beijing nightclub and the reports also allege that he took a PR girl to his room. When reporters tried to contact both Lawrence and his girlfriend Lo Wing Han for a response, both their phones were switched off as they appear to be evading the press.

Although girlfriend of over a year Wing Han is not speaking to the press, her good friend Kong Chi Nei was contacted and it was confirmed that she was still very calm about it all. Kong says: "She is very mature about these things and I will support her whatever she decides."

As for Lawrence, after filming "Miu Sau Yan Sum" (Healing Hands) he was propelled into the 'Upstanding Doctor' image by producer Tang Tak Hei who was shocked by this news. The two have co-operated in opening a production company and they will begin filming a series on the mainland at the end of the year when they will be battle partners, so in response to Lawrence's incident, Tang says: "I want to find him and find out what is happening, but I can't contact him... (Do you believe the reports of him playing around?) I am very shocked, but no-one knows what actually happened... I have been drinking with him before, but have never seen him with any girls. (Will this incident affect his image?) Well, in "Healing Hands" the story did tell of him going drinking and having a one night stand with Flora's character, so it shouldn't affect his doctor image."

Also, Lawrence's old friend Louis Yuen says: "I don't believe it! Lawrence is a 'dashing charming man' so he doesn't need to! He and his girlfriend are getting on very well and I don't believe this to be true, however it will affect his reputation." (Louis goes on to demonstrate with Frankie Lam as a victim on how the mainland ladies can come onto you.) Angela Tong says: "He's so handsome, does he need to? (Do you think he plays the field?) He is willing to help people, I am pretty... but he doesn't come onto me!"


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