Thursday, October 09, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Hong Kong's composer and lyricist association CASH is holding its annual dinner and awards night tonight at the Wanchai Convention Centre and will be remembering former Music Ambassador Leslie Cheung. Awards to be presented include "2002 Popular Performance Award", "2003 Golden Sail Award" and the "2003 CASH Achievement Award" that has been arranged for George Lam.

Nnadia Chan and DJ Yu Yee will be MC's at the event, presenting in both English and Cantonese. Nnadia has also been sponsored by famous designer Walter Ma for her outfit, allowing her to select from his collections. In the end, she went for a yellow sexy evening dress, worth a five figure sum. Walter says that he has worked with Nnadia a few years ago and feels she is very sweet and easy going. He suggests that Nnadia should wear more clothes with an international flair and less Japanese designs to add a little sensuality to her appearance.

Nnadia says that after the "Jade Solid Gold" Awards ceremony, this is the second big event she has hosted and the pressure is quite great. She says that she has been preparing herself to appear at her very best as she smiles: "I hope that one day I will not just be the host, but also be in line for an award as well."


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