Tuesday, October 14, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Gordon Liu (Lau Ka Fai) has appearing at promotional events in New York and Denver for the movie "Kill Bill" and he says that being able to catch up with co-stars Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu and Sonny Chiba was great, but he was disappointed at not being able to see director Quentin Tarantino who was absent due to illness and so he could not congratulate him personally. When asked if he had called Quentin, Gordon says that he could only pass on a Get Well message.

After the premiere in New York, Gordon headed to Denver for another promotional event, where he shared his experiences on filming with three hundred fans, who were very enthusiastic and praised Gordon's performance in the film. Many of them also indicated that they had been fans of his since the days of "36th Chamber of Shaolin" as they shook hands with him and asked for his autograph. Gordon says his fans are spread across three generations and he is delighted as he hopes that the Hong Kong fans will also enjoy "Kill Bill".


Find out more about "Kill Bill" here: http://www.kill-bill.com/

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