Wednesday, October 15, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

China's Shenzhou V launched the country's first man into space today and all Chinese people around the world are excited about this. Currently busy filming for "Ching Chu Yu Nam", Kenix Kwok not only took time to appear at a promotinal event for "Juk Sai Ching Jan" (Seed of Hope), she was also very interested in the news of the rocket launch as she said: "The 15th of October is definitely a very special day to remember, to have been stringently chosen by the country to be the first Chinese astronaut is a lifetime honour. Space is so full of mystery and secrets and I hope there will be a day when we can go on vacation into space. I once tried a floating game and the feeling was great, if there are space vacations in the future, then we can see so many things and if there are any aliens."


[Ming Pao]

Flora Chan was filming a promotional special for her sponsors Neutrogena and appeared in a pure white image to reflect that of the product. The crew had prepared some aloe plants for props on the set of the show and the nature-loving Flora cut open one of the plants to share the goodness of the plant with everyone. In the show, she adequately shows off her hosting abilities.


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