Wednesday, October 15, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Anne Heung, Kenix Kwok and Wayne Lai were among the artistes from "Juk Sai Ching Jan" (Seed of Hope) attending a charity event promotion yesterday and they all brought along presents for the children at the Salvation Army's Children's Homes to try and encourage people to care for children.

When Anne was asked about the incident where her credit card was cloned by some criminals and a lot of money was charged to her account, Anne said: "Last month, the bank called me asking whether I had been to Korea and spent over $17000 dollars on my card, but I have never been to Korea and did not lose my card and only then did I realise my card had been cloned. The bank said I did not have to pay this amount and they would investigate this. I only used my card in places like karaokes and gas stations, but although the bank has cancelled and replaced the card, I daren't use it just yet." Even though she did not lose out, it would appear that Anne still had a shock from the incident.

It turns out that Anne has four cards, but now she understands the concept of cloning, she is considering cancelling one or two of them. As for internet banking and ATM's, she says she is still not confident with shopping over the internet as she is worried her information will stolen. Anne says: "As I am too lazy to queue up in the bank, I often use the ATM, so I will just have to be more careful."


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