Monday, October 06, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

After gaining some notoriety from TVB's "Survivor's Law", Sammul Chan has recently signed a six-figure deal to become spokesperson for a range of health foods and Sammul was shooting a set of stills for the ads where he appeared in doctor, pilot, casual and sportsman costumes. He revealed that this was his first spokesperson deal, so he is very excited and says boldly: "I am a Chinese Herbal person as I have been taking Chinese remedies since I was young because it can help create a good healthy body, so I use it more than western medicines." Out of the four images he has tried, the self-styled Sammul says he prefers the casual look.

Also, Sammul will soon be shaving his head bald to film TVB's new show "My Master is Wong Fei Hung", but he admits he does not really want to do it and is a little worried: "I am afraid that when I shave my head I will look quite strange. I am also afraid I will frighten people with my ugly look on the streets so I will definitely be wearing a cap out. Bowie Lam and Moses Chan who have both just shaved their heads have been offering me some care tips. I really hope that the saying 'Nine out of ten bald men are rich' is correct!"


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