Thursday, October 02, 2003

Moses Chan - Four Seasons above his Head

Having shaved his hair clean, you would have thought that the cold would go straight to the heart, but in reality both hot and cold are moving through the top of the head and although it is not a hundred feelings on his head, Moses Chan has to add colour to his head each time he is in make-up. As he is being made up, he sits quietly with a straight back, yet as he talks, his eyes are facing towards me at a 45 degree angle because being able to see other people's responses is important to him. So to put his mind at rest, I move my chair to face him and I see his beaming smile. He says: "I will keep talking to you, don't stop. I was very happy when I woke this morning and the weather was so good..." Assertive and sincere tones and a magnetic yet gentle voice display the attraction of this man.

An operation with an invisible scar. Under a general anaesthetic, Moses once had a piece of excess flesh removed from just above his voice box, helping his rather weak voice gain in volume and power and gradually his sensitive words gain a tone of gentleness. He says: "In the past, I was very flippant when people spoke about the importance of health, but when something happens to yourself, you really do experience this. How would we as artistes be able to carry on without our voices?" His originally gritty voice has never brought him praises using the words sexy, magnetic or in a league of his own. Knowing that he was the brunt of people's insults because of his voice, he has been attacked before on his road to fame. In the speedy recovery process, he had to learn to 'speak' again. In the days of being unable to speak, he reminded himself all the time that he must work hard to perform his every role. He did not yearn for the day when he could speak again, he yearned only for acceptance.

During the time when he lived in Australia, He was the only Chinese model from Hong Kong and work without having to speak was something he could easily grasp. Walking on the catwalk, no matter in a suit or casual wear, he looked handsome and stunning, he was praised highly by the promoters and the sponsors, but it was always just a part time job. One day, he found an ad in the job columns for Art Drawing work and this young man full of enthusiasm and conscienciousness took his past creations to apply for the job, however he received a cold response and upset at this, he could only take his artwork home with him. He could only stare up at the skies and wallow silently in his disappointment. Today, he says: "I didn't know how to release myself, whether I was successful or not I was too stressed and I really thought that I had done very well." Never mind, now he has worked in showbiz for a time, he has tasted success and failure and has seen the paths that other people have taken, whatever he meets, he can use as an example and a chance to learn.

The movie "Jiu Gau Man Ng" (Nine to Five) was Moses' first brave appearance as a newcomer. In the show he was rowdy and flirtatious and his steamy sex scenes left the paying audience with quite an impression. Talking about the old days, Moses finds the reason why he tried so hard. He says: "I was waiting for an opportunity and that was one, so I really went out to perform and seeing it again, I have a feeling that I cannot point out." At the time, as a newcomer, his performance could not be described as sensational, but his love, his focus and his professionalism to his work has brought him some success.

"I really did not intentionally tell my friends to watch it, but after they did they praised me a lot and of course I felt happy because I was one of the leads." A sense of pride cannot be prevented. After this, he decided to stay in Hong Kong to try his progression and as film after film was presented to him, although the characters were not his first choice, a suitable salary was coming his way and he was willing to share his hard earned money with other people. A generous Moses at the time was spending thousands taking his friends out, but now he is just as happy drinking a $4 soft drink: "Luxury clothing and lavish suits are all on the outside, if there is enough material then that is enough. I really do not have the strength to pursue more, so if I keep trying to chase it, then it will be very hard work." His awakening came from when his characters were becoming set in stone and his scope for development was becoming narrower. Unable to see a clear road ahead, Moses revalued his ambitions and once again silenced himself.


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