Thursday, October 23, 2003

More TVB Superstition?

[Oriental Daily]

TVB's Tseung Kwan O TVB City was opened on 12th October in a grand ceremony, with geomancy expert Master Lee Shing Chak offering a prediction of twenty years good luck for TVB, however it would appear that this was good luck for its 'sons' but not so good for riches. In order to change the luck of the company around to include some money, work has started on changing the roundabout space outside the main entrance into a water fountain in the hope that this will extend the luck to the sons and riches as well.

Reports indicate that as building a fountain must include connections to the water system, the extent of the work is quite large and as this is an important entry and exit of the transport system, TVB has had to rearrange the traffic arrangements in and out of the site so as to ensure its completion for the anniversary on the 19th November. Apart from the cars of the executives and VIP's, all other transport including the employee buses, visitors, artistes trailers need to use the other entrances and exits.

In response to TVB's decision to build a fountain, the mastermind behind TVB's grand opening and blessing ceremony Master Lee says that this will be beneficial to TVB's fortunes. He says: "TVB City is situated in Tseung Kwan O Industrial Village, with Man Cheung Hill behind it and this is good for 'sons', however it lacks water and this is not good for money luck, so if they put a water feature in their entrance, this will bring them the monetary fortunes."

However, TVB City in terms of Feng Shui not only lacks water, there have been reports by engineering staff that there are leaks in some of the studios. This problem will also affect their luck with money as Master Lee explains: "Leaking water in Feng Shui terms is bad for health and money. If this can be corrected, then it will help with health and wealth, as the rainy season ends and the season turns to the drier autumn, they should find this situation will start to improve."


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