Saturday, October 18, 2003

[Ming Pao]

TVB's new series "Triumph in the Skies" (Chung Seung Wan Siu) offers the attraction of a uniform as it creates many dashing airline pilots! Donning the pilot's uniforms are Francis Ng and Joe Ma and together with the new recruits Ron Ng, Sammul Chan and Kenneth Ma, there is certainly a fine collection of handsome pilots to send you into the clouds; together with Shek Sau who is improving with age playing Francis and Ron's good looking chef, then we have three generations together to complement the beautiful glare from the ladies in the show.

Collecting together love, family, friendship and encouragement in one show, "Triumph" has something for everyone. Francis, Joe and Flora Chan find themselves in a two man one woman triangular affair and forms the main storyline. The attraction of the Best Actor Winner Francis is so great, so how could TVB treat him badly on his return? Creating a co-pilot who is totally devoted to Flora, but is also the target of 'youngster' Myolie Wu's secret affections and all over object of many desires and oozing with charisma! Sammul Chan is the most outstanding out of the newcomers as he is well suited to his rich boy image. His love line crosses with Michelle Ye as they face challenges together with other young enterprising air service personnel.

The story tells of how Tong Yik Sam (Francis Ng) and Ling Wan Chi (Joe Ma) are determined to become the first Chinese airline captains and they strive towards their goal. One is faithful with his love and the other is the flirtatious pilot, but they both fall in love with Lok Yi Shan (Flora Chan) at the same time, whereas So Yi (Myolie Wu) who works at the airline authority is a secret admirer of Sam. On the other hand, a group of newly recruited trainees are sent to Australia to undergo training and their many experiences lead them to focus their determination and become superior pilots.


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