Monday, October 27, 2003

[Ming Pao / Sing Pao]

TVB has won the rights to host the grand spectacular occasion at the Hong Kong Stadium to mark the visit of China's first man in space Yang Liwei to Hong Kong on his first appearance outside of the mainland since the historic occasion. The event will be hosted on November 1st and Master of Ceremonies will be no other than Liza Wang who will also have a chance to interview the national hero. TVB's treasure Hacken Lee will open the show by singing "Lung Dik Chuen Yan" (Descendents of the Dragon) and other guest performers will include Andy Lau and Kelly Chen. Hacken says he is very happy to be part of this historic occasion and he hopes to be able to show Mr Yang that Hong Kong can produce many great musical creations.

Liza Wang says that she hopes to be able to get Mr Yang's autograph and she admires his determination and calmness. She has many questions to ask him, but will choose the most meaningful and inspiring to put to him.

The producer of this event Lai Wai Tong says that many singers wanted to take part in the event, but they are still in the process of confirming who will be there.

(Report Summarised)

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