Monday, October 06, 2003

[Ming Pao]

Having a very open minded and non-violent approach to bringing up his children, Kwong Wa demonstrated his calm attitude to the media yesterday. This was because his son Chan Yiu Chung was poking at his ear yesterday in class using his pen, but a piece of plastic from the pen fell into his ear canal. When his teacher tried to get it out, this was unsuccessful and the emergency services had to be called to assist. When Kwong Wa and his wife Kitman were called to the school, they were relieved to find that their son had not injured his eardrum before saying that they were not angry with their son, all they said was: "Children should not be naughty and put things in their ears or noses. This is a good experience and lesson for you, but a lot of children will make this mistake."

Kwong Wa says that this incident is quite amusing, but it is a lesson and a warning to all children not to make this mistake. He says that his son has a habit of poking his ears because it is comforting, but at hope he uses an ear scraper. When his son saw his wife arrive, he was afraid and burst into tears, until he was settled and comforted. Kwong Wa says: "My son is alright now so I took him back to school afterwards and apologised to the teacher together with him for bringing so much trouble to everyone." Kwong Wa says that he will not be punishing his son as this is just a minor incident and as long as he is okay then it is alright.

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