Sunday, October 05, 2003

Lawrence Ng is still hiding from the Hong Kong press in Beijing after his incident with the PR girl as his assistant is handling his calls for him and sending people away. His current co-star and former girlfriend Jin Qiaoqiao has indicated that his current series will be filming until December and then Lawrence will be staying in the mainland to prepare filming for his collaboration with Tang Tak Hei for another three months at least. It would appear that Lawrence is hoping this will blow away by the time he has returned from his six months away from Hong Kong.

Pity his girlfriend Lo Wing Han (Ivy) who has become the target of attention for the press. Her phone was on yesterday but when she took the call, she immediately said: "I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but I have nothing to say." before ending the call. Jin is also concerned about Ivy as she says: "If Ivy believes Lawrence, then she doesn't need to be so hard on herself. If they are truly in live then she should help him out. I have been working with Lawrence these few days, but I dare not ask him anything. He has been concentrating on his work and there is nothing abnormal."

Appearing at an event yesterday, Roger Kwok was asked by the press whether he felt that a man should allow his girlfriend to bear the media on her own and whether it is irresponsible to remain silent. He said: "You should give him some time! Let him sort himself out before he tells the truth about it all."

When Roger was asked how he spent his time when he was working on the mainland, he said coyly: "I rarely eat wild game, because they have germs - the less I eat, the better it is for my diet."

[Additional from The Sun]

Roger Kwok was at an autograph session yesterday when a tourist thrust their passport to him and asked him to sign it. He was shocked and said quickly: "I can't do that, I will be arrested!"

Roger is a man who abides by the rules and his girlfriend Cindy Au has total faith in him. When asked what he did in China when he had spare time, he laughed that he will do sport...."


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