Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Kwong Wa appeared in a Hung Hom mall yesterday for a National Day event where he attracted many holiday tourists and during this, his daughter joined in with the games. Kwong Wa indicated that for the festival his whole family are going for a vegetarian meal becuase he became vegetarian two months ago.

Kwong Wa says that he was not Buddhist originally, but he was very interested in the Buddhist teachings and ate vegetarian once in a while, but two months ago, he took his family for a vegetarian meal at the Yuen Yuen temple and his daughter passed him a leaflet of Buddhist scripts and after he read it he was inspired to become a long-term vegetarian. His wife Kitman is very supportive of him and joined him in not eating meat and his children are also eating less meat as well.

Kwong Wa says: "Eating vegetarian is not only to stop killing life, it is also good for your health and I can say that my digestion is very good, I am not afraid to say that my excrement is like a banana and it has not been as good for over twenty years!" As well as excretion, Kwong Wa also says that he has developed a sympathy for his all time pet hate cockroaches: "I am very afraid of cockroaches and in the past I would squash them with my shoe, but now I will pick them up and let them go. If I can overcome this fear, the influence has been very great!"

When asked if he will become a buddhist, Kwong Wa says that he does not know for the future, but he will do what he needs to do now and go with his destiny.


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