Friday, October 31, 2003

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TVB's new series "Ap Liu Ha Dik Gam Dan" (The Golden Egg of Ap Liu) held its costume tryout yesterday and cast members present included Bobby Au-Yeung, Sonija Kwok, Anne Heung, Shirley Yeung, Eileen Yeow, Ellesmere Choy and Wayne Lai. Among them, Bobby appeared in hair extensions and not only shocked a few people, he also felt many years younger himself.

As well as the new image, Bobby will have plenty of pretty girls with him in the show because his love affairs will revolve around Eileen, Anne and Sonija and Eileen will even give birth to a son for him. In order to separate Bobby's 'past and present', the producer has requested that he appears with hair extensions, but it will just be for the first few episodes before he goes back to his normal look. Bobby is very pleased with his long haired image as he laughs: "I will save this hairstyle for when I get my new SMART ID." He also happily sat down for reporters to take photographs, not worried about his bald patch at all.

In response to the praises he received, Bobby says: "That is why hair is very important to a person. (Will you be having extensions again?) No, because everyone has accepted my original hairstyle and it has become my trademark." As for whether he has been approached by a hair-planting company to be their spokesperson, he says that he did have some offers earlier, but because he felt it was too fake, so he didn't consider it. However after this experience, he has found that extensions can be the same as original hair, so if he is approached again, he will consider it. He laughs: "Michael Wong can do it with so much of his own hair, but I will show my real hair and be a negative advertisement!"

Also with three Miss Hong Kong winners taking part in this series, Bobby was very excited when he found out about it, instructing reporters to take lots of pictures of him with the girls and shaking their hands afterwards. Bobby says happily: "Did you know that in Anne Heung's year, I was an MC and I asked her the question: 'You are so young entering this competition, is it just for fame and fortune?'. However I haven't been an MC since that year."

With earlier rumours that Sonija and Shirley did not get on during the filming of their last co-operation "Nameless Angels 3D", is Sonija worried that they will have problems working together again in the new show? She says: "There is no problem between us, it is just the media looking for something to write about, I hope that we will be happy working together this time. (But are you friendlier with Charmaine?) This is the truth, but I am also friends with Shirley. Friendship depends a lot on the person and I will not intentionally socialise with her just because of the press. (Anne Heung suggests she can be your mediator?) There is no need."

Also, with TVB's anniversary drawing near, has Sonija prepared her evening dress for this special occasion where the girls will try to outshine each other? She says not yet, but her mother is making her a strappy sequinned dress and this will be the reserve if she finds another even prettier dress.

Shirley Yeung has been dating Lee Ka Ding's son Gregory and Lee Ka Ding will have a part in the new show together with Gregory's elder brother Wing Hon. However, Shirley will be paired up with Ellesmere and even have a scene in bed, so Ellesmere announces that he is afraid of being beaten up by Shirley's father and brother in law to be. In response to his joke, Shirley doesn't seem to mind because they are all just creating a happy atmosphere and she is not embarrassed. As for the degree of the bed scenes, she says she does not know yet, but with the limitations of television, she has little worries.

As for her working with Sonija, is she relieved that they only have a few scenes together? She says that she has not thought about this. With whispers that she will have protection from the Lee father and son, she says that this isn't the case as she does not have many scenes with them either. As for her other co-star Anne Heung, although they have not worked together before on screen, they have contributed together to the Wai Yin Association and she believes they can be friends.

Anne will be appearing in the series as a tomboy character and she will have to tie her hair back and dress very casually, she admits that the company is trying to help her change her character path. As for the reports of conflict between Sonija and Shirley, is she worried about any gossip? She believes this will not happen because they are fine when they have been together and it was all a misunderstanding. With little rumours and gossip herself, Anne says that with Bobby around everyone should get on very well and if there are any rumours affecting her, the only thing she can do is ignore it.


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